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In Reception Mrs. Fegan teaches in RF and Mrs. Cocks teaches in RC. Mrs. Delaney, Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs. Pearson  are teaching assistants and Mrs. Burdell and Miss. Thomas provide extra support. Our lunch time assistants are  Mrs. Chamberlain (RF) and Mrs. Steele (RC).
It is a pleasure to share our learning with you - we hope you find it interesting. Please keep a regular check on these pages to find out what we are up to in Reception.

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9. 2. 18

It was so lovely to see so many of you at our Noah’s Ark assembly this week, the children were truly amazing and we are so proud of each and every one of them. As we come to the end of our Noah’s Ark topic, the children have been reflecting on their favourite bits and finishing their textile rainbows, which are now displayed in the classroom.

Take some time to look at the Noah’s Ark PowerPoint here on the Reception page, with your child, and ask them to talk you through the Bible story.


26. 1. 18

There have been lots of activities around our theme of Noah’s Ark going on this week in Reception. Firstly, the children have been exploring objects which float and sink, and recording their observations in a chart. They have been mixing the three primary colours to make and name the seven colours of the rainbow, then using the colours to create their own rainbow. They are also improving fine motor skills by making a woollen rainbow.

Our practising for the assembly is going well, and the children now know their parts. Make sure you have Thursday 8th February at 9.30am in your diary, as they can’t wait to perform their version of Noah’s Ark to you.

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19. 1. 18

The children have enjoyed exploring money this week, and looking at the different coins and their values. They have become great shoppers and shop keepers in our class shop!

We have started looking at the story of Noah’s Ark, and the children are getting very excited at the thought of performing to you all on Thursday 8th February.

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14. 1. 18

Happy New Year to all our Parents and Carers.

The children have settled back extremely well after the Christmas holidays and were excited to share their news with their teachers and classmates, which we have all enjoyed listening to!

On our return we have been linking New Year Resolutions, through our story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, discussing how Goldilocks might change her behaviour for the better! There have been lots of wonderful discussions and suggestions. The children have certainly enjoyed exploring the story through role play, and other linked activities, both indoors and outdoors including building a cottage for the three bears and sampling porridge and deciding which they prefer: plain, salty or sweet.

It was lovely seeing so many of you at our Read Write Inc. workshops this week. The children really enjoyed having you there, and we hope you found them useful.

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8. 12. 17

We have watched the short film of Raymond Briggs ‘The Snowman’ this week, and used it as a stimulus for dancing, maths and craft activities.

On Friday it snowed!  We wrapped up well and went outdoors to catch snowflakes. It was magical seeing the children's excited faces. In the afternoon our buddies joined us to practice throwing and catching snowballs!

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4. 12. 17

It’s been very chilly in our classrooms recently… positively Antarctic! That’s because the children have been learning all about the Emperor penguins, and how they manage to survive in such extreme temperatures. They too have learned to huddle together to keep warm, waddle with an egg on their feet, trying to prevent it from falling on to the ice, and even slide on their tummies!  The children have listened to information books as well as stories all about penguins, which has inspired the children to make their own books.

To introduce the start of Advent, the children spent an afternoon learning all about what it signifies.  Children from Year 6 came to Reception to help tell the story.  The children made an Advent crown and talked about what it is for. 

The children also imagined that they were shepherds around a fire on a Bethlehem hillside when they heard the great news that Baby Jesus had been born.

Have a look at pictures here!


17. 11. 17

An amazing event happened in our classroom this week. A dragon left a precious egg for the children to look after! The language used and imagination that this inspired was incredible, as the children considered why the dragon had left it at our school and how we should care for it.

We have been talking about those who are less fortunate than ourselves this week in the run up to Children in Need. The children have participated in fund-raising throughout the week and our Pudsey jar was very heavy. Thank you for your support.




10. 11. 17

Since returning after half term we have been very busy. Our classroom role play became a fire station and fire engine and the children have been acting out the role of the firefighter. They have been taking on the roles very sensibly and filling out incident forms! It is so lovely seeing the children starting to write through choice in our classroom areas. Outdoors, they have been putting the water collection to good use and putting out imaginary fires!

We were extremely proud of how the children participated in our Remembrance assembly led by our Year 6 children. They wore their hand-painted poppy with pride and sat and listened carefully. They joined in with the two minute silence and are beginning to appreciate the importance of Remembrance.

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13. 10. 17

What a great week we have had!

The children all enjoyed making bread rolls in the shape of hedgehogs. We hope your child shared it with you! The children also used the construction shed to make a barn for the Little Red Hen and used the guttering from the water collection to make a chute for leaves to flow down.

Have a look at our photographs in the gallery.


9. 10. 17

We can’t believe how many exciting things we have been up to since starting school.  Click here to have a look at our photographs!

We took a walk to meet Reverend Nicol at St. Luke’s Church; he was very kind and let us look around and explore the church - he even played the organ for us!

When we met our buddies for the first time, we shared a book with them in our outdoor area. They also walked to Church with us for the Harvest Service. We are looking forward to lots more activities with them too.

Through our topic about autumn, we have made windmills, retold the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’, finger printed autumn trees, made vegetable soup and created large autumn collages using the autumn treasure we collected on a walk.

We have also enjoyed our first outdoor games session, where we played on the outdoor play frame and learned a new game of ‘Flush the loo!’


  • Read Write Inc. Speed Sound cards to use at home - If you wish to purchase the First set of the speed sound flash cards to support your child at home, they are available here.

  • Parent Tutorial - Click here to watch a video which demonstrates how you can teach your child to sound blend.


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