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Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3, Mrs Page teaches 3P and Mrs Platt is the teaching assistant.  Mrs Down and Miss Murdock teach in 3DM where Miss Vincent is the teaching assistant and extra support is provided by Miss Miller and Mrs Markham. Our lunchtime assistants are Mrs Marshall and Mrs Matejkova.

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13. 4. 18

Our summer term certainly began on a high!  Wednesday saw us planting our sunflower seeds for our How Does Your Garden Grow topic while, on Thursday, we participated in the Fantastic Forces show.

We look forward to learning more about each topic over the term.  Our visit to Ness Gardens on the 1st of May will certainly support this. 

Meanwhile, take a look at our magic moments from this week.


16. 3. 18

What an inspiring week it has been!

The children were captivated by the presentation given by Dr Paul and Dr Maggie. So much so that they spent the whole of their lunch time designing a collaborative space station and space ships of their own.

Our science thinking didn’t stop there as we learned more about nutrients from food and how they are absorbed into the body. As fats, proteins and carbohydrates, we took the same journey for ourselves.


This week has seen us planning for our narrative entitled Revenge! A story based on the poem of the Spider and the Fly where spider is taught a lesson.

We took time to create our own individual, main characters and shared them during a walking gallery. From this, the children selected a further main character to include in their story. Not an easy job as the children saw so many interesting characters.

Next week, we look forward to completing our stories and Sports Relief Day on Thursday. Watch this space…


8. 3. 18

We started the week performing the poem The Spider and the Fly which we have been studying in depth.  The staff were very impressed at how well the children had learnt their words off by heart and the enthusiasm they gave to their performances.

We also tasted a range of breads kindly donated by Waitrose, we thought about appearance, texture and smell before finally tasting. The children decided on their favourite which may influence their choice when designing their own healthy sandwich.

We continue to increase our skills calculating with money in Maths and we will be placing the Spider and the Fly in their own story in English.


4. 3. 18

Time flies by when you are having fun!

We certainly revelled as readers this week.

On Wednesday, we took the opportunity to visit the Big Red Bus before celebrating World Book Day on Friday. The children certainly entered into the spirit of the day by dressing up as their favourite characters and sharing the books they came from.

Take a look at some of our memories from the day.

The children were delighted to receive their individual book vouchers too as well as learning how they could redeem them. Don’t forget to note the expiry date.  

Next week, we look forward to taste testing a variety of breads in preparation for our own healthy sandwich planning.  

Watch this space!


23. 2. 18

What a wonderful start we have had to our new half term. A busy week was had by all.

We said goodbye to our well-loved Roman’s topic by adding the final flourishes to our mosaics. Just take a look!

Then, swiftly moved on to our Healthy Humans topic. Already, the children have shared their knowledge and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

In the weeks to come, we look forward to discussing what a balanced diet is and appreciating that humans and animals require the right types, and amounts, of nutrients to remain healthy.

During maths, water was the order of the day as we learned more about volume, millilitres, litres and relevant measuring equipment.

Next, we look forward to learning more about money and time.

Watch this space!


2. 2. 18

We survived the Roman invasion and live to tell the tale!

What an exciting, inspirational day it was. It gave us a real insight into the life of a Roman soldier as well as the reasons for their invasion here.

Our opportunity to go on manoeuvres certainly brought home the importance of team work, too.  

But did we benefit from the invasion? We learned that the legacy of the Romans is present in our lives today. We look forward to sharing our own legacy research, in the week ahead.

Why not take a look at our memories from the day?


26. 1. 18

This week, we explored and discussed mosaics as an art form, and as a source of evidence, brought to Britain by the Romans. 

Also, we thought about the role of archaeologists in uncovering remains and how the past can be pieced together.

We developed different border patterns, for ourselves, using coloured pencils, block painting and computer programmes.

Everyone is looking forward to sharing their completed designs with you. Why not take a look at a selection of samples already created?  Click here!

Watch this space!


19. 1. 18

What a marvellous mathematical week we have just enjoyed!   We were all looking forward to the Maths Roadshow and it certainly delivered.  Our brains were buzzing as we solved the numerous puzzles and challenges.   All the staff were very proud of the children and their ability to collaborate, communicate and preserve alongside their buddies. Fabulous!

We will continue to cover length, in the week to come, as well as our 4 times tables and associated division facts.

Time spent learning about the Roman army has been fascinating and this week, we will begin to look at the legacy they left behind.

Click here to view this week's photographs.


14. 1. 18

This week the children were fascinated as they learned when and why the Romans invaded Britain.

Also, the value of perseverance! Despite two failed raids by Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius tried once more and triumphed.

Next week, we look forward to learning about the life of a soldier and why the third army was so successful.

Hopefully this insight will serve us well when the Romans invade on the 1st of February.


5. 1. 18

Happy New Year!

We would first like to thank everyone for their kindness and best wishes over the Christmas period. It was very much appreciated.

The children have certainly returned to school ready for all the excitement of the Spring Term and our Romans topic. We look forward to our Roman invasion and will inform you of the details closer to the time.

We hope you are making great use of your unique cave painting calendars!

Why not take a look at some further examples.  Click here to take a look! 


17. 12. 2017

What a busy time Year 3 had this week! Everyone was involved in the Christingle preparations for today’s service.

On Friday, the children welcomed our friends from St Luke’s Church into class and worked together to complete the Christingles.

Today, the children took the opportunity to think about all that the Christingles represent as well as children less fortunate than themselves.

We are very proud of everyone involved.

In the week ahead, we look forward to our final school church service of the year and would like to wish everyone joy and peace this Christmas.

Why not take a look at our Christingle preparations?


8. 12. 17

While learning about Stone Age Life, we looked at a range of cave paintings and considered how they can help construct our knowledge about the past.  We recorded our initial observations in our sketch books.

As independent learners, we then reflected and improved on our original designs, taking specific critique from others.  Click here to take a look at how our reviewed designs evolved!

It didn’t stop there: we thought about the techniques and materials used all that time ago and began to emulate them in our final designs.

Look out for the finished works next week!

Congratulations to our Superstar award winners for this week, all very well deserved: George (3DM), Mia, George (3P) and Aaron.

As you know, Year 3 will be involved in the Christingle Service, next Sunday, at 4pm. We look forward to seeing you there.


1. 12. 17

This week, Year 3 spent time with their buddies learning even more about the Christian calendar, Christmas customs and Advent.

We know Advent is a time of preparation and understand it is an important time for Christians.

We took time to discuss how Advent can also be a time to help others. In the weeks to come, we will think about helping others and make our own Advent promises to do so.

Year 3 are delighted to be involved in the Christingle service, at St Luke’s Church, on Sunday 17th December. An opportunity to consider children less fortunate. We hope you can join us.

In the meantime, why not take a look at our memories from the Advent Workshops?  Click here to take a look!


24. 11. 17

Rock on!

What a fabulous array of rocks the children have brought in.

We took the opportunity to share the rock collections and gain a deeper appreciation of how rocks can differ in both appearance and physical properties.

It didn’t stop there! We also took time to create and perform our own playscripts, as well as design our own Golden Tickets, based on Charlie Bucket’s surprising find in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS!

Next week, we look forward to our Advent Workshops.

Click here to look at some photographs from this week.


17. 11. 17

Year 3 have certainly rocked this week!

Following our edible rock investigations, it was time for our budding geologists to turn their attention to a variety of other rock samples.  

Research and discussions have shown the children just how varied the appearance and physical properties of rocks can be.  Click here to take a closer look at what we did!

The children are certainly building an impressive collection of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks, from both near and far, and we look forward to discussing them further.   

We also look forward to fascinating fossils in the week to come …


10. 11. 17

What is under your feet?

This week, we spent time answering this question. By creating our 'dirt pudding', the children developed a greater understanding about the layers below them. We began with the inner, outer core and mantle before discussing the crust, bedrock, subsoil, top soil and finally organic matter/leaf litter. Amazing!

Next week, we look forward to observing, discussing and sorting our edible rocks. Look out for our photographs.

In the weeks to come, we will continue learning more about both multiplication and division and our homework will reflect this.

Why not take a look at the A* app to support spelling consolidation. It is a free downloadable app that enables the children to input their specific spellings, as well as record them, ready for testing.  True independent learning. 


3. 11. 17

Rock on!

We have been really excited about our 'Rock and Roll' topic this week. The children have certainly impressed us when sharing their current knowledge. They have been asking plenty of thoughtful questions too! Is a rock a fossil? What and where are the rarest rocks? What does volcanic mean? Wow!

We look forward to answering these and many more questions as we dig deeper into our topic!

From next Tuesday, Year 3 Homework Club will commence. The children are welcome to bring any of their homework and queries along. 


20. 10. 17

This week, while learning more about light, we conducted a shadow investigation. The children spent time in and out of the classroom noticing shadows. They thought about how shadows are created and, over the course of a day, looked for patterns in the shadows they saw. Fascinating! Why not choose to investigate them further when the sun is shining?

Click here to take a look at our investigation.


13. 10. 17

Another exciting week was had in Year 3!

Our focus in Maths has been simple subtraction and subtraction with renaming. We deepened our understanding of the regrouping and renaming strategies.

This week, also saw Year 3 complete the final rehearsals of their Bollywood dance. We can’t wait to performing for our Year 2 friends next week.

Next week, we celebrate St Luke’s Day with Rev Nicol and also look forward to completing our Kandinsky paintings. We’ll be sure to post some photographs.

Congratulations to our Year 3 Superstars!

Megan and Isaac from 3P

Dylan and Lily from 3DM


6. 10. 17

Year 3 have been enjoying excellent hockey coaching from the team from Formby Hockey Club. After our skills-based sessions we hope to mix the classes and have a mini tournament.

We are reading The Twits by Roald Dahl and were horrified by the description of the Twits' ghastly garden. We decided to use our senses to describe our meadow and these pictures show the children making notes of what they can see, hear, touch and smell. Their written descriptions were fantastic!

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us as we celebrated Harvest in church last Monday. Both classes received a class superstar certificate and, in true Willy Wonker style, 5 Golden Tickets! Well done to Year 3, we were very proud of you and many have said it was a lovely service. Mrs Cowey enjoyed our song 'Autumn Days' so much, she practised it in hymn practice!

Take a look at the pictures here!


29. 9. 17

Year 3 have had such a busy week, with hockey training, Bollywood dancing and a visit to church to practise our Harvest Celebration! We hope you can join us on Monday for our service, 3P at 9.30 and 3DM at 10.15. Both classes will attend both services to join in with our singing of Autumn Days. We look forward to seeing you there.

22. 9. 17

What a fantastic week we have just had!

The children have certainly enjoyed learning more about light and which materials and objects are reflective. We will continue in our search for further examples, so any opportunity to investigate at home would be brilliant.

We have also been working on our Harvest service and look forward to sharing it with you at church on the 2nd of October.

Brighter days allowed for energetic hockey lessons outside but we didn’t mind the weather for our Bollywood dancing! What a treat. The children were enthusiastic throughout and relished every moment. Jai Ho!

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