Year 4 2017 - 2018

Mr Green

Mr Hardman

Welcome to Year 4

Mr Green teaches 4G, with Mrs Woodward supporting learning in the class. 

Mr Hardman teaches 4H, with Mrs Pickavance and Mrs McGill supporting learning in the class


Please note the following changes to the Year 4 timetable as of the beginning of the new term (January 2018).

Both classes - Indoor P.E. will be on Wednesday. 

Both classes - Outdoor Games (Netball) will be on Thursday afternoons alongside African drumming.


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9. 2. 18

We have had a wonderful final week of the term in Year 4. Both classes have become analytical experts as we have explored the strengths and weaknesses of different charts and graphs. Bar graph or line graph? You be the judge of which is more suitable, clear, and fit for purpose. The children have vastly improved their skills at both drawing and interpreting these graphs, and Mr Green and Mr Hardman are very impressed with the children’s progress.

Coming to the end of our Hunted topic, the children have completed their own stories with themes and morals. As well as including lots of wonderful writing features, the children have thought very hard about the inferential subtext of their stories, and how they can teach the reader a positive lesson.

Our Superstars this week are George Powell (4G) and Kieron Leong (4H). You children have done a great job and ended the half-term on a real high. Congratulations to you.

As a general message to all children and families at St. Luke’s, the Year 4 staff wishes you a fantastic, restful and enjoyable break. We look forward to seeing you and hearing all about your adventures later this month.


2. 2. 18

Emotions and expression have been the focus of this week, as the children have built on their learning around persuasion, and have written diary entries from the perspective of characters from Fox. Some children wrote as the gullible Magpie, others as the loyal Dog, and finally, some as the treacherous Fox himself. The maturity and expression from the children exemplified their progress this year, as well as the fruits of their many hard labours. Well done everyone.

Data and graphs have anchored Maths this week. Year 4 have been using the Maths No Problem approach to deconstruct, interpret and complete their own bar-graphs. After a long period refining our understanding of Number, the children have embraced looking at statistics and data with a fresh set of eyes.

Our Superstars this week are Luke Irvine (4G), and Lucy Duncan and Harry Pendleton (both 4H).


26. 1. 18

Parents beware! Your children may be more persuasive than usual. This week, Year 4 have been looking at persuasive letters, and their skills have been outstanding. They have improved their reasoning, their manipulation and their overall ability to convince people to give into them – prepare for them asking to stay up extra late this week, using their new tools.

We are completing our learning on division, whilst focusing on problem solving within this area. Next week, we will be moving our focus on to statistics and graphs; both constructing and interpreting them.

Our Superstars this week are George Kempster (4G) and Daisy Blake (4H).

Well done you two on a fantastic week overall!


19. 1. 18

Year 4 have had a wonderful week and all of us are proud of how hard the children are working. We are well into our learning around long division, and we have started to get our teeth stuck into formal written methods. On Thursday, the children also enjoyed a range of problem solving activities with adults from The University of Liverpool.  Please enjoy the attached pictures.  Click here to view.

In English, we have completed the story of Fox, and we now know the fate of the characters. This hasn’t dampened our spirits though, and we have taken control of their destiny by planning and writing our own story extensions; they are as impressive as they are imaginative. Well done everyone on another great week of learning and fun.

Our Superstar this week is Elliot Lannigan (4H). An extra well done to you.


14. 1. 18

Year 4 have been exploring a new text this week in Maragret Wild's Fox. The children have already started to explore the complex characters in this wonderful story, which will form the literacy backbone of our Hunted topic. 

Both classes are coming to the end of this term's focus on multiplication, and we will soon be finalising our understanding of division, by making good use of our new multiplications facts. Mr Green and Mr Hardman are extremely impressed, along with the other adults in school, with how Year 4 have started this term. Keep it up everyone!

Our Superstars this week are Florence Barnes (4G) and Lily Chew (4H). 

Thanks you Superstars for being such a great example to everyone else.


5. 1. 18

In class, we have continued the multiplication and division learning that we started before the break, and we have been impressed with the enthusiasm that the children have shown since coming back to school. To warm up our wrists for the half-term ahead, we have planned and composed recounts of our holidays, which we have shared with our classmates. Happy New Year everyone!


17. 12. 17

During our final full-week in school, the children have been maintaining the busy and hardworking standard that they have set themselves. All of the children in Year 4 have completed a range of assessments and have composed their own Christmas stories. These have been properly planned, and from what we have read so far, they are a credit to the children and the progress they have made. 

There were no Superstars this week but we will be giving out the Excellence in English awards next week. The Year 4 team are looking forward to a really enjoyable, last few days in St. Luke's next week, before a well earned rest, and if we don't see you before, we wish you and all of your friends and family a very merry Christmas.


8. 12. 17

Creativity has been in the air this week as Year 4 have been getting their thinking-caps on. The children are doing really well to build on the improved place-value knowledge from earlier in the year, as they continue to progress in their understanding of further multiplication and division.

In English, the children have been planning a story that will build into part of their end-of-term writing assessment. Their stories will be centred on a Christmas adventure, and from the planning and detail so far, they will be a joy for the Year 4 teachers to read over the Christmas holidays; they will also highlight and celebrate the steps that the children have made in their writing ability.

Things aren’t all paper-based in Year 4 though, as the children got stuck into their Design-Technology task of bringing their planned Egyptian designs to life. These also look fantastic and will be put on magnificent display for all to see, once they have been finished.

The week finished in wonderful fashion, with a pretend snowball fight with our Reception Buddies, as we helped them to improve their throwing and catching.

Our Superstars this week are Grace McClelland (4G) and Myles Davies (4H). Well done to you two; keep it up!


1. 12. 17

This week has been filled with lots of fun and adventure in Year 4.

The children and staff, along with some very kind parent-helpers, travelled to The World Museum in Liverpool in order to experience the Ancient Egypt exhibit. The children were fantastic all day and Mrs Cowey has been pleased to receive multiple specific messages from the public about what a credit the children are to our school and community.  Everyone enjoyed seeing real-life mummies and artefacts that are thousands of years old.  Click here to view some pictures from our trip!

Within class, the children have composed their non-chronological reports about an Egyptian animal and are coming to the end of their first focus on multiplication and division in Year 4. The whole of Year 4 have been such a pleasure and source of pride all week, that Mr Green and Mr Hardman couldn’t decide on one Superstar, but instead opted to have the entire year-group as our Superstar for this week. Well done everyone on a really outstanding week of fun and learning.


24. 11. 17

Persuasion has been the focus this week for Year 4 and the children have really improved their ability to convince and manipulate so be warned adults at home. Firstly, the children focused on verbally debating the ethics of opening Tutankhamun's tomb, before going on to write some fantastic letters about which side they were on.


All of Year 4 are developing their ability with division and are continuing to use their known number and multiplication facts wisely. There is no Maths homework this week as we are hoping you can all focus on our annual Christmas cracker homework, but spellings have been sent home to learn as usual.


This week's Superstars are Maisie Rydill (4G), Holly Foster and Joe Hughes (both 4H). Well done to you three. You have all had a fantastic week. 


17. 11. 17

Extra, extra! Read all about it!!

Newspapers have been on the agenda this week and Year 4 have done some fantastic reporting on the discovery of King Tut. The children have written some wonderful descriptions and have included lots of insightful quotes.

Dividing has been our focus within Maths, and the children are putting to good use their multiplication facts that they have refined recently.

Children in Need was a huge success as a whole-school initiative, and Year 4 were even lucky enough to have some winners among the prizes. 

As with this event every year, a huge thank-you must go to Year 4's own Mrs Woodward for orchestrating the entire event and for this reason, she is this week's Superstar in Year 4.

10. 11. 17

This week has been filled with intrigue as Year 4 have dug deeper into the history of Ancient Egypt (do you see what we did there?). The children have looked at the discovery of Tutankhamun and have given their opinion and descriptions of his burial tomb. They have composed diary entries from the perspective of Howard Carter and will continue to look at 'King Tut' as the topic progresses.

We have moved on from addition and subtraction in Maths, and the children have started to look at multiplication. The Maths homework this week reflects this, as it involves further rehearsal of times-tables. Please continue to encourage and help your children learn these as the year goes on - they really are invaluable!

Our Superstars this week are Esme Stockell (4G) and Seb Wynne (4H).

Great job you two - keep it up!


3. 11. 17

Year 4 have had a wonderful first week back at St. Luke's. The children have really enjoyed starting their Ancient Egyptians topic, and particularly relished the opportunity to mummify some of their own teddies and dolls from home at the start of the week. This led to some amazing and clear written instructions being composed by the year group later on in the week. We have all completed our Addition and Subtraction module on Friday, and are looking forward to Multiplication and Division over the next few weeks.

It's been great to be back and see the children; all of the Year 4 staff are proud of how hard they are working and how enthusiastically they have started this half term.

Our Superstars are Andrew Churchill (4G) and Daniel Mortimer (4H).

What an impressive first week you two - keep it up! 

Have a look at some photographs here!


19. 10. 17

The Year 4's have done some fantastic writing this week and have shone in a small assessment on Place Value. Well done for a fantastic first half-term everyone and enjoy a well earned week off. 


13. 10. 17

It has been another fantastic week in Year 4. We have started to look at punctuating direct speech, and the children have been very eager to write down the conversations that they have shared with their partners. We have also started to plan a story, which will sum up our learning during the first half-term, and the children can’t wait to get started writing them.

In Maths, we have continued to look at subtraction and we have been looking more at renaming numbers when we do not have enough in the column to do a straight take-away. The children will be able to demonstrate this to you as part of their homework.

We have also looked at the features of mountains this week; with the children creating some lovely illustrations and labelling them with all of the key features (feel free to quiz them about it anytime!).

Big congratulations go to this week’s superstars, who are Alfie Dowd (4G) and Thomas Swain (4H). Great work you two: keep it up!  


6. 10. 17

Year 4 started the week in great spirits as we attended the excellent Harvest Festival that Year 3 set up at St. Luke’s Church. Everyone had a wonderful time, Year 3 were outstanding and Year 4 were able to escort their Reception Buddies on our first walk as a team.

In class, both 4G and 4H have worked through addition and are starting to look at subtraction. This week’s Maths homework focuses on bridging the gap between these, so if your child is finding it tricky, please reassure them and they’re welcome to attend Tuesday’s homework club for additional guidance. River poems have been the order of business in English and Mr Green and Mr Hardman have been very impressed with the children’s compositions.

Our Superstars this week are Jude Byrne (4H) and Max Parsons (4G). Well done boys and keep it up!


29. 9. 17

What a week Year 4 have had! As we have edged past the half-way point of this half-term, the children are still pushing themselves really hard to achieve; this is excellent to see. The children have focused on putting to work the grammar consolidation that we started the year off with. The strides the boys and girls are making in their writing already is fantastic to see and both Mr Hardman and Mr Green are glad to see their students so eager.

We have rounded off rounding in Maths and have now dipped our toes into the water of addition. Our homework this week focuses on this so if any of the children are finding it tricky after a long Summer off and only a couple of lessons on it, please come and speak to an adult in school as we are here to help.

Our H2Oh topic has progressed very well and Year 4 have been creating their own water cycles in ziplock bags. If you have any of these at home, ask your children and let them share their secrets.

Our Superstars this week are Sophia Richardson (4G) and Tom Blundell (4H). Great job you two. Well done!


22. 9. 17

Year 4 have this week moved our learning on, and we have altered our focus onto new challenges. We have set up a science investigation, which we will continue after the weekend. We are looking at the relationship between heat and the rate of evaporation. In Maths, both classes have progressed on to rounding numbers, within different place value columns.

Our river journeys have taken some unsuspected twists and turns in English lessons, as we are gradually moving our focus towards extended writing exercises. All children have continued a mysterious river adventure into many avenues, and both Mr Green and Mr Hardman are pleased with the exciting outcomes so far.

Our much deserved Superstars this week are Mia Cowell (4G) and Niamh Baker (4H).

Keep being amazing role-models girls.


During this week, Year 4 have really chomped down on our new topic and are really getting their teeth stuck into this. Our topic – H2Oh! – is basing a lot of our learning around water. This week, Year 4 have explored the differences between solids, liquids and gasses, and this will progress throughout the coming weeks in a number of ways.

Both classes have continued their grammar recaps to consolidate and extend prior learning, and this will feed into some creative writing next week. Mr Green and Mr Hardman are both pleased with how their children are focusing and committing to learning in all lessons.  Place Value is still our focus in Maths and the whole year group are excelling in their approach and are developing their understanding of this tricky topic. Well done everyone.

Our Superstars this week are Joseph Todino (4G) and Chloe Hughes (4H). Keep up the great work children – you have been outstanding this week!

We have sent home our homework books tonight, so it would be appreciated if you and/or your children could decorate them with some colourful backing paper.

Many thanks in advance, Mr Green and Mr Hardman.



It has been a fantastic first week back for both the children and the Year 4 staff at St. Luke's. Mr Hardman, Mr Green and all of the support staff have been extremely impressed with their new Year 4 classes. The children have shown an enthusiastic, outgoing and bright approach to their learning already, and this bodes very well for the rest of the year. 

All of the children have shone but we can only pick two Superstars per week.

This week, they are Freya Dalton (4G) and Alfie Griffiths (4H).

Well done to both of you in standing out in a week where everyone has been so impressive.

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