Islamic Learning Visit

Imran Kotwal visited our school today to teach the Year 5 and Year 6 pupils about Islam.

Each class took part in different workshops.


In Year 6, Imran taught the pupils about Zakat, the Islamic pillar of Charity.  Imran explained the importance of Zakat for Muslims as a way of helping those in need and bringing happiness by sharing your personal wealth or even by simply sharing your smile!

Everyone in Year 6 has learnt so much about Islam and in particular Zakat; Imran's explanation of how Zakat is calculated (a minimum of 2.5% of your savings), whilst also taking into account different circumstances for people in different financial situations, was incredibly thought provoking and extremely interesting.

Thank you Imran, from all of Year 6!


Year 5 took part in a Muslim workshop with our special visitor, Imran.

He led us through the five day pilgrimage that Muslims take to Mecca in Saudi Arabia - Hajj.  The children wrote a five day diary of the important events that Muslims would carry out.

Imran engaged brilliantly with the children with lots of linked religious stories and anecdotes.  All of the children were brilliantly behaved and contributed to the workshop with lots of enthusiasm. 

A big thank-you to Imran!



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