Year 1 2017 - 2018

Miss O'Neill

Miss McGarvey

Welcome to Year 1

In Class 1O,  Miss O'Neill is the class teacher. Mrs Caple is the class teaching assistant. Mrs. Dwan supports our class on Thursday afternoons.Our Lunchtime Assistant is Mrs. Churchill.

In Class 1M, Miss McGarvey is the class teacher and Miss Bartlett is the class teaching assistant. Miss Winder supports our class on Thursday afternoons. Our Lunchtime Assistant is Mrs. Bullen.

Both classes have P.E. Games lessons every Monday, so the children bring their outdoor games kits on that day (including trainers).  Indoor kits should remain in school during term time. 

Click here to watch a video which will help you to practise how to say sounds!


9. 2. 18

We had a busy week celebrating Safer Internet Day on Tuesday and we finished our Toy Topic by becoming Curators in our own Class Toy Museum.

The children spoke confidently about their old/ vintage toys and answered lots of questions from all of the visitors. 

Click here to view some photographs of our work this week!


2. 2. 18

We had a fantastic time visiting the Museum of Liverpool this week.  We had the opportunity to explore old and new toys with the curator Chris; went on a Toy Trail around the museum; investigated and explored Little Liverpool and had the opportunity to play with some old and new toys, including a Tudor doll. 

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26. 1. 18

Year 1 have enjoyed exploring 'Shape and Pattern' this week, and continued to learn about old and new toys in our topic work.

Click here to see Year 1 investigating different shapes and patterns!


19. 1. 18

What an exciting and busy week we have had!

We have enjoyed our DT Sock Puppets project and have been busy designing and creating following our original designs. We have also started learning about different old and new toys by handling them and reading about them in our non-fiction book 'All kinds of toys'. 


14. 1. 18

Year One children are enjoying their 'Toy' topic. This week they brought in their favourite toys to draw and write about. 

We had our first hockey lesson with Marc and Josh this week. The children are having fun practising their new skills.

In R.E. we are learning about the story of Creation from the Old Testament. The children have drawn and painted some animals to add to our colourful class displays. 

Click here to look at some pictures.


7. 1. 18

We had a lot of fun before Christmas in Y1. 

We enjoyed being in the choir for our Nativity 'A Midwife Crisis'.  Nicky from Tesco visited, teaching us about Christmas traditions. 

We had lots of fun and games on our party day and were very excited to have 'Breakfast with Santa'.

Click here to view some of the pictures we took!


1. 12. 17 

This week we have had so much fun learning about Scotland and learning about St Andrew's Day celebrations. 

Mrs. Govan shared her experiences of growing up in Scotland and brought in her families Scottish clothing and artefacts.  We learnt many interesting facts about Scotland; located Scotland on a map; found Edinburgh on the map; had the opportunity to try on traditional Scottish dress; tasted Haggis and learnt about St Andrew. 

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23. 11. 17

We have really enjoyed learning more about animals during our 'Claws, Paws and Whiskers' topic and we were especially impressed with the confidence and creativity the children showed when presenting their research homework.  Their classmates listened carefully, learning lots of new facts, and also asked lots of good questions. 

Click here for a closer look at some of their fantastic work!


10. 11. 17

Taking inspiration from Bonfire Night celebrations, the children created chalk drawings of fireworks and enjoyed using a paint programme on the computers, to recreate fireworks.  Click here to have a look at their work!

We are looking forward to going to the cinema next Thursday to see 'Nuts 2'. Please ensure you have sent permission slips and coach money, thanks!


3. 11. 17

The children have been excited to start their new topic 'Claws, Paws and Whiskers'.  They enjoyed sorting and discussing their animal photographs on Monday afternoon.  We have begun to group the animals into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. We have also been creative making bat pictures using our hand prints.

The children also enjoyed becoming familiar with our topic story 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. We will continue to learn this story and tell it like storytellers. 

Have a look at some photographs here!



This week, we have enjoyed using our sense of touch to investigate textures. We described the texture of jelly, porridge oats and sand and wrote super sentences using 'and' to join our ideas e.g. The jelly is sloppy and sticky.  Click here to view some photographs of our investigation!

The new topic overview is also now available for you to view, find it below attached as 'Claws, Paws and Whiskers' - or click here to take a look!


12. 10. 17

Year One have been looking at the art work of Paul Klee this week, and enjoyed making a 'Paul Klee' inspired self-portrait.  Click here to see their magnificent work!


6. 10. 17

Year One had a trip out to Tesco this week, learning about seasonal foods with Nicky.  Click here to see some pictures!


30. 9. 17

The children are enjoying learning about the seasons in our Science work. This week the children explored the playground, looking for signs of Autumn, collecting leaves, conkers and acorns.  Take a look at some pictures here!


22. 9. 17

We have had lots of fun continuing our learning throughout our 'Marvellous Me' topic. This week, we explored our sense of smell, drew self-portraits  and some groups have started creating maps of our school grounds. 

Click here to have a look at these week's photo gallery!


14. 9. 17

The children enjoyed their geography field work activity, finding 'human and physical' features in the playground.

Have a look at some pictures here!

8. 9. 17


(Class 1.O)

(Class 1.M)

Our First Week in Year 1!


Bing Bunny - Have fun making a colourful picture with Bing and Flop

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